Plain / Sugar Free Yogurt

You can score ‘A’ in snacking lesson, if you choose this food as a morning snack. The low content of the glycemic index in yogurt can make you avoid eating in large portions.


This is an ideal snacking choice, because this fruit is rich in fiber. Sugar content in bananas is low, so are melon, papaya, and guava. Apples and pears are usually a favorite choice in weight loss programs. But, you know, banana is still a champion. Because, bananas are rich in potassium. These are substances that help maintain normal blood pressure levels, help muscle health, including preventing muscle cramps, and excellent energy sources. Bananas are also easily digested by the body.

Vegetable Soup

All soups with clear broth are always a good choice compared to creamy soups. But, pay attention to the salt content, not too much. One small bowl (about 250 cc) of soup containing carrots, potatoes, kidney beans and onions keeps 200 Kcal, and is a perfect source of energy and nutrition. Emilia reveals, the latest research conducted in England showed, soup broth of clear broth with vegetables effectively maintain satiety.

Wheat Biscuits

The fiber content in most wheat biscuits is high enough, but we are often lazy to eat it because it tastes really good. In order to taste good, just add a little cream cheese. If you have a history of hypertension that should avoid salt, you should choose fresh cheese. Basically, cheese will not make you fat, if consumed not too much. A whole wheat biscuit gives an intake of about 20 Kcal per piece, while the fat-free cream cheese provides an energy intake of about 30 Kcal per spoon. So, once snacking, you can only eat 4 pieces of creamy delicious biscuit variant.


‘Cravings’ are crunchy? Beans are a pretty good alternative. Fat and protein content is safer than potato chips. However, do not select beans that are processed with oil (fried) and high salt content. Do not eat too much. A good portion is a small handful of hands. Better alternative: dried fruit snack or fresh corn pop without butter.

Chewing gum

You include emotional eater, always venting pique and stress work on eating? In fact, the truth is, you are not too hungry, but the mouth wants to chew. Strategy, always keep sugar-free gum in the bag. Eat one when ‘hungry’ because of stress. But, be aware, in some people, eating chewing gum can cause bloating.