Medical marijuana became a hot conversation in the past year due to its increasingly widespread use. In the United States, the use of medical and recreational marijuana in adults today is only legal in 4 states: Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. The state has legalized the sale of medical marijuana at pharmacies and specialty outlets.


Florida Medical Marijuana Doctor says it still needs more research to ensure the benefits of medical marijuana in children. In order to be investigated, doctors recommend that the status of medical marijuana be changed.

During this time, marijuana in the United States is grouped into one category with heroin, LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide), and other narcotics that are not used for medical treatment. Florida Medical Marijuana recommendation is to remove medical marijuana in one category with methadone and oxycodone.

“These recommendations can help create a big difference in promoting further research,” said Dr. Seth Ammerman, a professor at Stanford University.

Florida Medical Marijuana support is expected to encourage more pediatricians to prescribe medical marijuana. However, it is asserted, the use of medical marijuana is only for children with severe limitations or conditions, and not enough just with current treatment.

Florida Medical Marijuana also repeats previous inputs that disagree with marijuana for recreational use in adults, as it makes it accessible to children. In children, the use of cannabis for recreational is associated with health problems and brain development.

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