Take Aromatherapy to the Next Level

Aromatherapy has been used as a way to promote healing and decrease symptoms of conditions for thousands of years. Wide spread popularity has created a demand for more ways to experience the subtle scents that come from herbs, oils, or a combination of both. The first convenient way to experience aromatherapy in the home was a machine that could fit on a counter or shelf. People could add the scents desired and plug in the machine, which would warm the herbs and oils allowing them to be released into the air.

Simple ones provided the opportunity to use one scent at a time. Later versions were designed to contain a few different scents that could be programmed to switch out at selected intervals. The next step was smaller machines followed by aromatherapy candles, solid air fresheners, and sprays for the home. Beads are now designed for the bathtub, shampoos and body wash are available to get some aromatherapy benefits in the shower, and carpet cleaner powders also have aromatherapy scents for those who want a calming effect while cleaning.

Manufacturers later developed aromatherapy products for vehicles. Solids could be attached near the back window to be heated by the sun and spread the scent throughout the car. Small air fresheners that clip onto the front interior vents provide more potent scents for the driver and front seat passenger. These products help people relax on the commute to and from work, while running errands, and when the vehicle is a taxi cab for taking the kids to games and dance classes.

The next level for enjoying aromatherapy benefits is to inhale it via personal and compact vaporizers. Lightweight models, such as DaVinci Ascent, IQ, and Classic versions, allow people to carry them around and vape at will. There are several herbs and oils available made specifically for vaporizers. Recipes for blending ingredients to suit individual needs are offered to users. A blend of lavender, rose , and chamomile works well to relieve anxiety, while a passion flower, peppermint, and chamomile blend helps to relieve insomnia. Tips on how to get the most out of vaping aromatherapy herbs and oils are offered to those who vape. People can go here to understand more about the vaporizers and how they can bring the aromatherapy experience to the next level.