Smoke the Dab Rigs

Recently, the use of words in speech and description has become more widespread and many use words that are rarely used. So that sometimes we don’t know the meaning of these words. Like the use of the word bong.

You can see the use of these words in the real world or in cyberspace such as on social media Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or in chat-based applications such as Line, BBM, WhatsApp and so on.

The bong, or water pipe, is often considered the most powerful tool by smokers. In general, bongs are made of glass which are carefully designed and decorated to achieve a beautiful final shape. This type of pipe can also be made of acrylic, bamboo, and ceramic. Smoking from a bong is different from smoking from a regular rolled cigarette because the bong has a chamber that can hold more smoke. Follow these steps to learn how …