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Moving away from formalist painting and sculpture, Conceptual artists contended that the idea or idea of an paintings was the art. Texts, diagrams, pictures, and other forms of matter-of-fact documentation function closely within the works of Conceptual artists Joseph Kosuth, the Art & Language group, Mel Bochner, Hanne Darboven, and Christine Kozlov, among others. From this viewpoint, art may be seen as a transmission of “information,” the term curator Kynaston McShine used to title his landmark Conceptual art survey at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1970. In this new sequence, Sue Hubbard explores single works by main modern artists. Celebrating its fiftieth 12 months, the Biennale of Sydney ( provides an expansive celebration of latest art and tradition.

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For the fiftieth anniversary of The Kitchen, New York this 12 months, Kitchen Board Members Jacqueline Humphries and Wade Guyton have curated an exhibition of over fifty works, donated by artists from all through the organisation’s community. While these offered direct assist to folks in the affected area, galleries and other cultural areas within the greater metropolitan area tailored their programming at the time to contribute with donations and other resources. This sense of camaraderie manifests itself in many ways, and it’s no totally different inside the art world of Puerto Rico. In the wake of Fiona, artist-run galleries and cultural areas mobilized inside their capabilities have come together to help each other.