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Erasmus+ Programme Lublin College Of Technology, Poland Pupil Mobility

Just as cricket makes use of several technologies in its DRS reviews, Mortlock mentioned he believes rugby can embrace tracking technology as a referee assist, too. The third area tracking technology can be utilized is to potentially help referees make precise calls on decisions like ahead passes, ball-in-touch rulings, and – if players are sporting tracking devices too – when a chaser is in front the kicker. Similar RFID technology has been used for several years within the NFL – within the ball and in shoulder-pads – and has reportedly ‘revolutionised’ performance analysis and the information used to recruit gamers. The information gathered from ball tracking can have three applications Technology, in accordance with former Wallabies captain Stirling Mortlock, who is an advisor to Sportable and a director of the company’s Australian arm. “There are a lot of caveats in that, around imaginative and prescient and placing folks into …