What to Expect from Your Physical Exam

A physical exam is a routine body assessment plan that checks your health and advises on better treatment plans. A physical exam Fort Worth can help you create a good relationship with your primary healthcare provider. Physical exams can give you peace of mind because you know your health status.

What aspects will your physician address?

Your physical exam involves discussing your health concerns and testing your bodily functions. At the same time, your doctor will check your vision and hearing senses, among other things. They might require you to talk about your symptoms.

Medical history review  

If you have a long-term condition, your doctor will compare your progress since the last check-up. They will also consider your medications and how receptive your body is to the treatment. Your medical review helps your physician make better choices regarding your health.  

Sexual health screening

Physical exams are available for men and women. They can examine your sexual reproductive organs to ensure optimal health if you want to have children. Certain exams might look for diseases like cancer, depending on your age. Women can undergo cervical cancer screening, while men undergo prostate cancer screening.


Your physician will evaluate your diet to ensure you receive the nutrients your body requires to maintain muscle mass and ward off diseases. Plenty of fruits and vegetables can help your body create better strong immunity. Try and avoid eating sugary and fatty foods to promote your overall health.

Assessment of body composition

When your healthcare provider assesses your body composition, they look at your basal metabolic index (BMI), abdominal circumference, stature, and skin folds. The measurements can help determine your health status by checking your muscle and fat composition.

Benefits of regular physical exams

While the primary purpose of physical exams is to ensure that you are in good health, it also ensures that you adhere to and follow your doctor’s instructions. For example, if your doctor creates a diet and exercise plan, they need to see a change on your next visit to ascertain you are following the treatment plan.

The following are ways you can benefit from physical exams.

Detect disease early

As your doctor examines you, they can see something new and unexpected. In such a circumstance, they will perform different tests to identify your condition and develop a suitable treatment plan. Your physical exam can help catch a disease even though it does not exhibit symptoms.

Stop the progression of the disease

Once your specialist identifies your disease, you can start treatment immediately. The quick intervention helps to stop the progression of the condition.

Review your medication

You might be on medication, but you suffer side effects from it. During your physical exam, you can talk to your doctor to give you a better alternative that does not interact with other medications.

If you are due for a physical exam, visit Clover Internal Medicine for screening. Get qualified, experienced, and friendly specialists to examine your overall health before creating a personalized treatment plan. Call or book an appointment online to improve and maintain your quality of life.