When to Use Soap for an Uncircumcised Penis

Everyone should pay attention to the cleanliness of vital areas such as the genital area. But especially for men who are not circumcised, the genital area should receive extra attention compared to men who have been circumcised. Why? So that there is no mistake in cleaning the penis, men need to know the proper steps to clean it. It applies to cleaning the penis after daily activities and making love.

Darius Paduch, a urologist and male sexual medicine specialist at New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, explained that penis hygiene needs to be maintained. The groin can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. The area is dark and damp, so it can cause a foul odour similar to the smell of your armpits. The penis is also very close to the groin and all that bacteria.

You may want to keep the penis clean. So, every day uses warm water to clean the penis, groin, and testicles. If you have a terrible smell in the area or feel that you need to freshen up, you should use the best soap for uncircumcised. Make sure there is soap on your hands to clean the penis.

In the human body, three areas have thinner skin layers: facial skin, behind the ears, and folds, including the genital area. The skin around your penis is thinner and smoother than anywhere else on your body, which makes it prone to irritation. It is recommended to use a mild, fragrance-free soap as harsh ingredients and many fragrances can irritate sensitive areas. Dan recommends Oesup, the first and only soap specifically designed to remove and prevent foul odours and smegma under the foreskin of uncircumcised men. Made with natural antibacterial ingredients.

Avoid using too much soap. It is due to the soft skin of the penis. You. There are also some things to consider when cleaning the penis. Taking good care of the penis is essential so that your genital area is avoided unwanted health conditions. Here’s how to care for the penis that you can do:

  • Clean the penis every day when bathing using warm water. Do not forget to pull the skin of the penis and clean the smegma contained in the folds of the skin of the penis by rubbing gently. Cleaning the penis after urinating is also recommended for you. After cleaning the penis, please dry it with a tissue or clean towel
  • Also, clean the testicle area
  • Avoid using too much soap because it can cause irritation
  • Avoid using powder on the genital area
  • make sure you check the condition of the penis and testicles regularly to monitor whether there are changes in your genital area

How to clean an uncircumcised penis?

Reporting to the International Society for Sexual Medicine, an uncircumcised penis requires extra care, especially on the foreskin that covers the head of the penis.

The reason is that the foreskin of the penis is not cleaned correctly and can potentially cause smegma. Although not dangerous, the presence of smegma can trigger unpleasant odours in the penis to irritation. How to clean an uncircumcised penis is as follows:

  • Pull the foreskin of the penis slowly
  • Wash the penis and foreskin with warm water and soap without perfume
  • Rinse the head of the penis and the inside of the foreskin
  • When finished, close the foreskin back to its original position

Should note that this method applies to both adolescent and adult men. The foreskin of infants and young children may still be attached to the penis and should not be forcibly withdrawn. Talk to your doctor further for more information on how to care for a child’s penis.

When to clean the penis?

Reporting from the NHS, cleaning the penis should ideally be done once a day while bathing. You also must undergo the correct ways to clean the penis before and after sex with a partner. Cleaning the penis before having sex aims to prevent you and your partner from the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

Meanwhile, cleaning the penis after intercourse eliminates the remaining fluid that sticks to your vital organs. That way, the remaining liquid does not become a crust that can trigger the growth of bacteria. They keep intimate organs clean and aim to make you comfortable and healthier.