5 Benefits of Seeing a Dermatologist

Are you among the millions of people who self-diagnose and treat skin issues with over-the-counter remedies? Why are you doing injustice to your skin? You should consider visiting a facility such as Integrated Dermatology of 19th Street to seek help for your skin blemishes. The dermatologist understands the ingredient chemistry for every product you buy from the shops and will guide you on the best skincare regime suitable for your skin type. Moreover, they treat issues like eczema, hair loss, skin cancer, and acne. Controlling these skin issues without proper diagnosis and medications might be challenging. These are reasons to visit a dermatologist.

Control Your Acne

The acne sores which develop on your skin could be mild or extreme based on the underlying health issue. Acne might occur due to bacterial infections or hormonal imbalance, and your dermatologist will inspect the skin and conduct lab tests to diagnose the underlying health problem. They might recommend the right treatments, such as salicylic acid, which deals with acne, treat the pores and prevent future outbreaks. The hormonal approach will also deal with the acne resulting from hormonal imbalance.

They Reduce the Appearance of Scars

Although scars might be difficult to treat, a dermatologist will reduce the appearance of the scar. For instance, they would use high-beam laser energy which dissolves the collagen, which causes the scars. Additionally, they may opt for scar resurfacing, reducing the appearance of elevated scars on the skin. Scars can reduce your confidence if they occur on exposed skin, making them highly visible.

Treat Hair Loss

Androgen baldness in men may occur due to aging, genetic issues, and alopecia. Moreover, baldness affects women leading to the thinning of hair on the scalp. A dermatologist treats hair loss based on the underlying health condition associated with the loss. For instance, they may recommend surgery for baldness in men. Although the surgery leads to an unnatural hairline, it effectively deals with hair loss. On the other hand, they would treat alopecia with platelet-rich plasma therapy.

Detect Skin Cancer in the Early Stages

The dermatologist might detect skin cancer in the early stages as they inspect the moles each time you visit them for annual checkups. The moles which change their shape and color are likely to be cancerous, and your dermatologist will recommend a biopsy exam for the changing moles. The early biopsy tests and treatments will deal with the skin cancer before it spreads to other body organs.

They Understand the Ingredient Chemistry for the Skin Care Products

The dermatologist understands the ingredient chemistry for skin care products and will sell highly-potent skincare products which deal with different issues. For instance, they will assess your skin type before recommending the right products which suit your skin. They might develop an effective skincare routine that caters to your skin’s needs.

Taking care of the skin requires professional help from a dermatologist, and you would never understand your skin type and the right products by yourself. A visit to a dermatologist yearly makes it easy to attain supple, youthful, and beautiful skin. First, the dermatologist treats acne, eczema, skin cancer, and other blemishes. During your annual visit, the dermatologist will examine the existing moles and note any new moles on the skin. Finally, they recommend the right skin products as they understand your skin type and will help you overcome any issues in the future.