Common Misleading Information Regarding Genital Lesions

In recent years there has been an increase in reproductive health conditions. In most instances, these conditions interfere with individuals’ lives. However, despite these uncomfortable conditions, most people delay seeking treatment due to embarrassment. This instance makes them continue suffering and causes the condition to worsen even further. Even though there are many reproductive conditions, genital lesions Fort Worth have affected most people. If you have this condition and are looking for treatment, the following is misleading information you should stop believing in.

It is a Woman’s Condition

Some people believe that it is only women who can contract genital lesions. The following myths have arisen from the fact that most HPV conditions cause cancer among women. Even though women are at a higher risk of having this condition than men, it does not mean it is only a woman’s condition. Any person is, therefore, likely to be infected with this condition. You should, therefore, not fail to seek treatment only because you are a man.

They are Only Contracted through Unprotected Sex

When people hear this is a sexually transmitted infection, they assume that the condition can only be contracted through unprotected sex. Most people, therefore, believe that they will be entirely safe from the condition if they use a condom. However, this is not usually the case. Even though the person is highly likely to get genital lesions when having unprotected sex, they are not only transmitted through sex. For instance, there are instances they are transmitted through skin-to-skin contact.

They Must Cause Cancer

 Some people believe that they must get cancer after having genital lesions. This instance has made most individuals afraid after finding out that they have this condition. The truth is that when a person has genital lesions, they are at risk of infecting cancer. However, even though the person is at risk of getting cancer, it does not mean they will automatically get it. For example, when the person engages in measures to manage this condition, they will not have cancer.

You Will Not be Infected if You Do Not Have Sex

In most instances, most people associate genital lesions with sex. This instance has affected their perception regarding the condition. For instance, some people have been highlighting that they are not at risk of contracting the condition as long as they do not engage in sex. This instance has made some people fail to seek treatment even when they have this condition citing that they are safe. However, even though sex is one of the major causes, it is not the only cause. People should therefore seek treatment even when they do not engage in sex.

It is Painful

When seeking treatment, most people check various features of the treatment. One common feature that most people check is the pain they are likely to incur. Since most people fear having pain, they look for a treatment that will likely expose them to minimum pain. Some people have been avoiding seeking treatment for genital lesions since they believe that the whole treatment is painful. However, the treatment is less painful than most people think.

Even though there is an increase in the number of people suffering from reproductive conditions, most continue to suffer in silence. One of the reasons is society’s stigmatization attached to the whole issue. This stigma also makes people fail to speak out regarding this condition, making it to be surrounded by a series of myths. The following myths have also misled the patients regarding seeking treatment for their condition. If you have this condition, you should visit the specialist to give you factual information regarding the whole issue.