How to Get Immediate Neck Pain Relief

Experiencing a sore neck is natural and often results from poor lifestyle habits and repetitive movements. Dealing with any form of neck pain can significantly affect the quality of your life by affecting your ability to complete your daily tasks. Fortunately, you can work with Las Vegas neck pain specialists to understand the cause of your pain and the necessary measures to take. You might need to seek medical treatments soon for chronic symptoms, but you can only make simple lifestyle adjustments to find relief for mild symptoms. The following are the steps you can take for immediate neck pain relief.

Use Hot or Cold Therapy

A tight or inflamed neck can be relieved using hot and cold therapy. It would be best to try both therapies to see which will work for you. You can place a hot compress on the painful parts of your neck and leave it for about 20 minutes. It can help relax your stiff muscles by improving blood flow; hence necessary nutrients to heal an injury are delivered. You can also try a cold compress on your neck for about fifteen minutes. Cold therapy can soothe your neck if it is inflamed.

Consider Pain Relievers

Some over-the-counter medications, like nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, can help treat an inflamed neck. Drugs like naproxen, ibuprofen, celecoxib, and aspirin have been found effective in providing immediate pain relief. The drugs are locally available, but you must take any painkiller cautiously. Consult your doctor adequately and follow the instructions strictly. Remember not to rely on drugs for long-term pain relief. Also, watch for any side effects and report to your doctor soon.


Your neck goes under pressure every day carrying your head. Doing some stretches several times daily can help relieve the pressure and avoid neck pain and stiffness. Also, it is crucial to adopt healthy positions that will loosen your neck muscles. Try tucking your chin down to strengthen the back of your neck. You can also tilt your chin upwards to stretch the front of your neck. Stretching to either side helps you relieve pressure off your neck from both sides. Stretching your shoulders and chest muscles can also help relieve neck tightness. Try stretching your shoulder blades to manage severe neck tension, especially after long immobility periods.


Self-massage can help you if you can locate painful sites on your neck. Feel the painful spots and gently massage them to relieve the tension. Repeating it several times daily can help you continue your daily activities. You can locate the trigger points by feeling around your neck to notice spasms or knots feeling like pulse or tight bumps, respectively. You can also opt for foam massage balls or rollers to work out tightness.

Maintain Good Posture

The nature of your work can have much to do with neck pain. You can move around regularly if you spend most of your day seated to minimize the strain on your neck. Also, you can use some ways to unstiffen your neck throughout the day. You can do a shoulder roll, chest stretch, neck relaxer, head glide, or shoulder shrug.

The steps above can help you find neck pain relief and move on with your day. Call the McNulty Spine specialists today for more information. You can also schedule a consultation appointment online to learn more about neck pain.