Prenatal paternity testing

During your pregnancy, you naturally want everything to go well. Yet, there are questions that cause you a lot of stress. Many mothers do not know exactly who the father of the child is. Especially if there are 2 alleged fathers involved, it can cause many problems. You want to get clarity on this during your pregnancy, and this is of course also nice for the father. The father, of course, wants to know if he is the father of the child. This is also very important for the bond between the father and the child. Prenatal paternity testing offers the solution, and this is an effective DNA test. The test can be done during pregnancy and poses no danger to the child. Samples are taken from the alleged fathers and also from the mother and sent to the laboratory for further testing.

There are also other DNA tests that you can have done during your pregnancy. You can order these tests online and use them at home. But for what purposes is this? In this article, we’ll go into this in detail, so you can learn more about it.

What is a DNA gender test?

Besides determining who the father is, you can also do other tests during pregnancy. Many parents want to know what the sex of the baby will be. For example, they want to do a gender reveal and this can all be done with a DNA gender test. You can easily order this test on the internet and do it during pregnancy. You must be at least 9 weeks pregnant; otherwise the test will not work. The DNA gender test poses no danger to the mother or child. You can take the samples yourself and send them to a laboratory, where they will be examined. Once the results are known, they are sent to your home in an anonymous letter. The results are 99.9% accurate, so you are almost always sure what the gender will be.


You can also order a sperm check, and this also falls under DNA testing. With this check, you can find out if you are fertile as a man. For many men, this is an important question, and they may even be uncertain. With the sperm check, you get clarity on this question, and it will be examined for you, whether you are fertile or not. Especially if you are trying to have a baby, it can be nice to get clarity about your fertility.