What To Expect During Your First Family Dentistry Appointment

Dental health is a crucial part of your personal health as well as your family at large. You don’t want your kids to get severe dental problems such as gum disease only to realize it later. Fortunately, having a family dentist can prevent such problems. Family dentistry provides routine teeth cleanings, checkups, and digital X-rays to notice potential dental issues and ensure your child maintains an elegant smile for years. The team at Addie Chang, DMD, offers high-quality family dentistry Tukwila services, including orthodontic evaluations and oral dental exams for babies. With many people experiencing dental anxiety, here is a look at what occurs during family dentistry appointments.

What Exactly Is Family Dentistry?

This branch of dental services offers oral health care for all your family members, regardless of age. Family dentistry ensures your kids have a decreased risk of gum disease, cavities, and other common oral health issues.

What Happens During a Family Dentistry Appointment?

When you go to your dentist for a family dentistry appointment, he will review your medical history and perform physical dental tests to establish any problems. The doctor then customizes the ideal treatment services to help restore or maintain a bright smile. Some of the common family dentistry services include;

·       Cleaning And Prevention

This service involves general checkups and early detection of oral health problems such as gum disease and cavities. The conditions are easy to treat when detected early. The dentist recommends scheduling preventive checkups two times a year, even if you feel like your mouth is okay.

·       Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry involves the replacement of any missing or damaged tooth. This is done using prosthetics such as bridges, crowns, or dental implants to repair or replace damaged or missing teeth. Although not as tough as your natural teeth, dental restorations can last up to fifteen years if well taken care of.

·       Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental cosmetic services enhance the aesthetic appearance of your smile or teeth. Some available cosmetic dentistry types include teeth whitening, veneers, and cosmetic bonding.

·       Orthodontics

This branch of dentistry corrects alignment issues affecting your jaw or teeth. During your family dentistry appointment, orthodontic treatments are offered to adults, teens, and children. Depending on your desired results and age, the dentist might recommend removable orthodontic aligners or metal braces.

·       Sealants

These refer to thin plastic coverings applied to the chewing surfaces of children’s molars. These sealants aim to cover the teeth to prevent harmful bacteria from accumulating in the teeth’s grooves, decreasing the risk of cavities.

Does Insurance Cover Family Dentistry?

Now that you understand why you need to undertake family dentistry, you probably wonder if the service is covered by insurance. Fortunately, most of the family dentistry services are covered by insurance. However, even the insurance policy is unique, so you should consult your insurance provider if you have any doubts.

Dental health plays a great role in your overall health and life quality. Family dentistry ensures your whole family, including kids, undergo regular dental checkups for early diagnosis and treatment of any potential issue. The team at Addie Chang, DMD, offers effective treatments and patient-centric services, ensuring you are comfortable throughout the visit. Call the office or book an appointment online to get started with family dentistry for yourself or your kids.