Why are dark violet cosmetic jars better than others?

They are appearing on the shelves of many drugstores. The major cosmetic industries are talking about them all the time. Social networks are exploding with this discovery that has become a trend. We’re talking about the new dark violetcosmetic jars. Have you seen them? Although they have the appearance of a shiny black color, they are made with violet glass. Violet glass has revolutionized the organic products industry because it makes the use of preservatives unnecessary. Not so long ago, in order to make an organic product last longer, it was necessary to use preservatives. That is no longer necessary. The dark violet cosmetic jars provide molecular stability to the products. This translates into fresher and more natural organic products for much longer. A quantum leap for your health care.

Comparing violet glass with other types of glass

There are several types of glass on the market. Cosmetic jars can be made from clear, blue, green, brown and violet glass. However, none have better protection than violet glass. To test the effectiveness of violet glass, chives were stored for 3 months in 3 different cosmetic jars. One made of clear glass, one made of brown glass and one made of violet glass. At the end of the 3 months the chives stored using violet glass maintained their color, texture and aroma. The chives that were stored under transparent and brown glass lost their natural color and their aroma became sour. Tests have even been conducted on cherry tomatoes stored for 7 months. The results showed that violet glass is able to keep natural products fresh for longer.

Reusable and multi-purpose

One of the advantages that glass has over other materials such as plastic is that it can be easily reused. You can deep clean cosmetic jars and use them with other products. The possibilities are almost endless. You can store your favorite tea leaves and be sure they will stay fresh longer. Freshly ground coffee will not lose its strong aroma and flavor after a few days. If you like to prepare spice-based oils, cosmetic jars are a good option to store them without reducing their consistency. The uses you can give them are so many that it depends on your imagination. Another possibility is to use them in DIY. A violet glass lamp will be a relaxing addition to any space in your home.