Dental clinic in Poland – the European level of treatment 

Dental tourism is in its full bloom all year round. It is a matter of hours to catch a flight and get examined by a certified dentist. And those are excellent in Poland, this is why it is a common destination when it comes to dental treatment. Do you want to have your teeth thoroughly treated? Plan a trip that is cost-effective and might be combined with a couple of days off from work.

Design a healthy smile abroad

The prices of dental services in Norway, Denmark or England are extremely high. A treatment in another country is a great and much cheaper alternative, and probably serve as a main reason to arrange a dental visit somewhere else. Poland is the most chosen destination, especially by English and Scandinavian residents. With a well-tailored offer from innovative clinics, you can successfully design a smile full of healthy teeth. If you are thinking of an effective behandling, clinic Indexmedica should be your first choice.

Certified professionals and comprehensive approach

Do you need instant dental cost calculation or specification of your treatment? Dentists from Indexmedica will give you a detailed response to every question. You will be given the opportunity to be treated by qualified professionals with great experience. CT scan or X-rays to get a better perspective of a future treatment? No problem. 3D simulation of dental implants to precise the location? Done. Innovative equipment is a standard in Indexmedica. Plan your visit and save the money!

How much can I save?

There are some significant reasons why dental tourism is so popular nowadays. Budget issue is the main ingredient that makes people decide to go abroad and start the treatment in another country. Just compare an average price for the dental service with the price list of Indexmedica. You will easily notice that you can save as much as 50 per cent on white fillings or complete dental implant treatment. If you take a closer look, you will quickly realize that there is a huge sum to be saved in your wallet – even if you pay for the flight ticket, food and accommodation.

Travel and stay – a great package for foreigners

If arranging your journey to Poland sounds a bit challenging, let other people do it for you. There are many Indexmedica’s representatives that are keen on helping you with the plans. As one of the most popular dental clinics in Krakow, it offers a package that includes everything you need during your dental visit. Do not worry about the accommodation – you will be checked-in in one of the Indexmedica’s design hotels. There will also be someone to pick you up from the airport. Do you wish to arrange a trip around the city? No problem.

Krakow is a beautiful city located on the south of Poland. As a former capital of the country and the second-largest city it is famous for priceless historical monuments like The Wawel Royal Castle, the Old Town, Sukiennice and many more, scattered all around the city. Dental tourism is a combination of business and pleasure – if you want to be part of it, chose Indexmedica as your trusted partner.