Five Incredible Ways To Managing Your GERD

While most people confuse gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) with other digestion problems, this condition causes uncomfortable symptoms that can impact your aspect of life. Though you shouldn’t be worried about having heartburn occasionally, having acid reflux multiple times a week is a matter of concern that should be medically addressed. Furthermore, GERD increases your risk of getting other health conditions if left untreated. Luckily, you can safely overcome this condition with Charlotte GERD treatments, as they focus on addressing the root cause of your issues.

 If you’ve ever suffered from this condition, you can attest how the painful irritation and discomfort impact one’s quality of life. However, lifestyle adjustments can help you overcome this hurdle besides seeking quality treatments. Let’s examine the five incredible ways that you can manage GERD.

1.Do away with bubbly beverages

Although most people don’t understand this, certain drinks aggravate GERD symptoms. Drinking carbonated beverages like soda, beer, and sparkling water can cause you to burp, increasing the acid levels in your stomach. This acid can enter your esophagus and wreak havoc on the existing GERD symptoms. Therefore, you should ban such beverages.

2.Eliminate trigger foods

It’s no secret that certain foods cause more gastrointestinal distress, which can worsen your situation. Foods like onions, garlic, spicy foods, mint, chocolate, fatty foods, and tomato-based sauces will likely cause trouble with your GERD condition. However, since everyone is unique, you should examine how you feel after a meal and determine which food types don’t help manage GERD.

3.Engage in routine exercises

Typically, engaging in low-impact exercises like walking after a meal is essential for helping the digestive process. Also, exercising helps move food out of your stomach, thus reducing the amount of acid reflux. However, don’t exercise vigorously after eating, as this can exacerbate your symptoms and worsen your condition. If you have to exercise after a meal, avoid bending or lifting activities.

4.Improve your sleep routine

Good sleep plays a vital role in helping you recover from GERD. Also, your sleeping position matters, as you should keep your head eight inches higher than your feet to minimize nighttime symptoms of GERD. Sleeping in a flat position can cause acid reflux to move from your stomach to the mouth, worsening your condition. You can raise your head with pillows or form a wedge that supports your head.

5.Reconsider your meal times

Generally, when your stomach is full, there is a high possibility that the reflux will enter your esophagus. Therefore, to help prevent such situations, you should rethink how you eat and the meal time. You can eat smaller portions of meals throughout the day other than eating a heavy meal two or three times daily. This will significantly help in managing GERD symptoms.

Considering how daunting it is to manage GERD alone, you should have a specialist in your closet. Besides incorporating these lifestyle adjustments, there are top-quality treatment options that can boost your recovery within a short time. Furthermore, to quickly overcome GERD, you should be disciplined about eating, exercising, and sleeping. If you want help managing GERD, don’t hesitate to engage an experienced specialist.