Preserve The Integrity Of Your Teeth With A Night Guard

If you wake up with sore jaws or headaches in the morning, you may have a condition known as bruxism. Fortunately, a simple and effective solution exists; the night guard. Night guards are dental devices that cushion your upper and lower teeth to minimize damage from bruxism. Whether you have an existing dental condition or are simply looking to maintain optimal oral health, night guard Anaheim is a cost-effective and non-invasive solution that can significantly improve your quality of life.

These devices are available in various materials, from soft and flexible to hard and durable, and can be custom-made to fit your teeth for maximum comfort and effectiveness. They are easy to use, simply requiring insertion into the mouth before sleep. Regularly using a night guard can protect your teeth from damage, relieve pain and discomfort, and promote better sleep quality.

Issues that a night guard can address

One of the most common issues a night guard can address is bruxism, the involuntary clenching or grinding of teeth during sleep. Bruxism can lead to tooth wear, enamel erosion, tooth sensitivity, and even tooth fractures. A night guard can help to prevent these issues by cushioning your teeth and reducing the force of clenching or grinding, thus protecting your teeth from damage.

Additionally, this device can address temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) symptoms. TMD is a condition that affects your jaw joint and can cause pain, discomfort, and clicking or popping sounds when opening or closing your mouth. Night guards can also help to improve sleep quality by reducing the discomfort and pain associated with these disorders.

Benefits of a night guard

A night guard can protect the teeth from damage due to teeth grinding. The device can help maintain your oral health and prevent costly dental procedures. The device can also improve sleep quality if you suffer from TMD. The device also relaxes your jaw muscles, relieving pain and discomfort and clicking or popping sounds when opening or closing your mouth. As a result, you can experience more restful and uninterrupted sleep, which can positively impact your overall health and well-being. Night guards are also often custom-made to fit your teeth, ensuring maximum comfort and effectiveness.

How long a night guard can last

The lifespan of a night guard depends on its material, the frequency of use, and how you take care of it. On average, a well-maintained night guard can last 2 to 5 years, but some can last up to 10 years with proper care. However, some signs may indicate that it is time to replace the night guard, such as visible wear and tear, cracks, or changes in the fit that may compromise its effectiveness. You should regularly check the condition of your night guard and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning and maintenance to prolong its lifespan. Additionally, you should consult your dentist if you experience discomfort or issues with your night guard, as it may require adjustments or replacement.

If you grind your teeth in your sleep, call Dr. Kang or book an appointment online for a custom-made night guard.