How Does Sleep Impact Spinal Health?

Lower back pain is extremely common today. If your back is constantly in pain and sore from the moment you wake up every day, your sleep habits are likely impacting your spinal health. To improve your spinal health and relieve back pain, you need to be on top of your strong sleeping habits.

What Impacts My Sleep Habits?

Screen Time

Staying active on your cell phone, watching television, and using other devices will stop your mind from being able to shut down completely. You need to have at least an hour before bed of zero screen time. Otherwise, you’ll put yourself at risk of having less restful, tenser sleep. When your sleep isn’t restful, you’ll consistently wake up or find yourself having aches and pains in the morning. Additionally, the rest of the day will feel sluggish.


Stress has a lasting impact on both your sleep habits and muscle tension in the back. When you cannot ever fully relax, it exudes more energy and the tension builds to a point that you need that stress relieved. If the tension sustains, your back will cause consistent pain.

Nutrition and Eating Habits

The time of day you eat, what you eat, and how often you eat all impact your sleep. When you aren’t able to eat well and your nutrition is diminished, your overall health is heavily impacted. This will lead to worse moods, a consistent lack of energy, and rough sleeping conditions.

Solutions to Improve Sleep Habits

Chiropractic Adjustments

These adjustments are fantastic to get your spinal soreness and muscle tension released. Chiropractic work keeps your body feeling more fluid, stronger, and healthier. Take this into account when you observe how your sleep habits adjust following chiropractic adjustments.

Strong Functional Wellness Practices

Functional wellness includes your exercise, daily nutrition, blood testing, brain scans, and more. While applying some of these ideologies is something you can take up the challenge of on your own, it never hurts to get a professional consultation. Then you’ll be provided expert advice and direction on how to best improve your sleeping habits.