Reasons Why You Should Visit A General Dentist Oftenly

Dentistry, like other fields of medicine, is divided into numerous sub-specialties. Various dental specialists focus on varying aspects of oral health, such as periodontists for tooth and bone problems, orthodontists for fixing bite issues, and so on. General dentists are dental professionals who cater to a wide range of oral health requirements. Most patients’ dentists will be the only oral care they will ever have, as they can receive all the oral care they require to maintain a lasting, healthy smile. Continue reading to discover reasons individuals should seek general dentistry San Leandro, CA.

1.     Routine Checks and Cleans

Every six months, visiting a dentist or dental hygienist to examine and cleanse your mouth is an excellent way to remain atop any oral health issues. From eliminating troublesome plaque and tartar accumulations to identifying issues early on, a general dentist can be a partner in your oral health. Typical procedures to expect include a comprehensive dental cleaning and dental X-rays. An increasing number of general dentists also offer oral cancer screenings.

2.     Multiple Services in One Location

General dentists offer a variety of services under a single roof. Besides the typical dental cleanings, other general dentistry services include professional teeth whitening and restorative procedures like bridges, veneers, and crowns. If you have misalignment issues, your general dentist can provide Invisalign and braces. Rather than having to get through several specialists, you can rest comfortably knowing that most of the care you want is available at a single, convenient location.

3.     Develop Solid Relationships

Nobody enjoys feeling like a random patient. With general dentists, you will frequently return to the same office; thus, developing strong doctor-patient connections. Feeling relaxed during the dentist’s appointment renders treatment easier and improves patients’ willingness to seek dental care when necessary. If you must consult a stranger each time you have an issue, it might be unsettling and affect the likelihood of getting the required care.

4.     Generational Care

A general dentist can treat the whole family, from grandparents, parents, and children, to grandkids. These specialists can work with a patient from the time they are three years old till adulthood. This generational care makes planning for long-term therapies easier and more effective. Dentists can identify problems before they develop and have a deeper awareness of the patient’s medical history because of their past practice.

5.     Obtain Specialist Referrals

General dentists perform a range of services, but complex cases occasionally necessitate the intervention of a specialist. General dentists have robust specialist referral networks to facilitate access to specialty care. When you report a problem to the general dentist, they can determine if expert care is required. Your general dentist can refer you directly to a trusted professional for further therapy.

6.     Obtain Emergency Care

Numerous general dentists provide urgent dental care these days. A general dentist can offer weekend and after-hours consultations to treat dental emergencies. Common dental emergencies include extreme tooth pain, missing teeth, or damaged teeth, like fractures, chips, and cracks.

Regular general dentist visits are a terrific way to maintain your teeth clean, healthy, and attractive. While the recommendation is to see a general dentist every six months, if you identify an oral issue like bleeding gums, dental cavities, and more, do not hesitate to seek an appointment.