What is Rehabilitation for ?

The following is an explanation of what complete rehabilitation is with its stages.

This article also contains the types, goals and objectives of rehabilitation.

Patients admitted to the Rehabilitation center mostly suffer from lack of self-confidence and no positive outlook on life.

Rehabilitation returns something that is not functioning or damaged back to its original condition, in good condition.

Definition of Rehabilitation

In general, rehabilitation is a recovery process.

Rehabilitation returns something to its original state, which was previously in good condition, but for some reason then becomes dysfunctional or damaged.

If it is associated with disability, the meaning is the return of disabled people to their maximum use, both in physical, mental, personal, social, vocational and economic aspects according to their abilities.

Broad Meaning of Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation was defined as an effort to help those who have experienced abnormalities since birth or in childhood. Rehabilitation are a comprehensive approach or all of them with the aim of forming a complete individual in the physical, mental, emotional and social aspects so that he can be useful. That’s why Rehabilitation is not an endeavor carried out by experts for people with disabilities.

However, it is the sufferer himself who must try to carry out the prescribed recovery, so that he can change himself into an independent human being.

Type of Rehabilitation

Medical Rehabilitation

Medical rehabilitation is a field of specialization in medical science that deals with rehabilitation https://www.ixande.co.za/ was the comprehensive management of patients with impaired function/injury, nervous muscle structure, and mental, social and work disorders that accompany these disabilities.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation is part of a continuous and coordinated rehabilitation process involving the provision of services in the field of positions such as job guidance, job training, selective placement like on https://rehabhelper.co.za/rehab-clinics-cape-town/, which is an effort for people with disabilities to gain certainty and get decent jobs.

The following are services in vocational or occupational rehabilitation guidance:

  1. Guidance and Counseling
  2. Recovery, restoration, physical, mental, psychological, and emotional services
  3. Services to families,
  4. Translation services, interpreters for the deaf
  5. Reading services, orientation and mobility services for the blind,
  6. Skills providers, rehabilitation workers, instructors, together with clients and also parents,
  7. Social Rehabilitation

Social rehabilitation is part of the rehabilitation process for people with disabilities that seeks to eliminate or at least reduce as much as possible the negative effects caused by their disability, so that sufferers can be active in life in society.

Rehabilitation Goals and The Target

Rehabilitation Goals

  1. Restore a sense of self-esteem, self-confidence, awareness and responsibility for the future of self, family and society or social environment.
  2. Restore the ability to be able to carry out their social functions properly.
  3. In addition to physical healing as well as overall social healing.
  4. People with disabilities achieve mental, physical, psychological and social independence, in an anti-balance between what they can do and what they cannot do.

Target of Rehabilitation

  1. Increase individual insight into the problems faced, difficulties and behavior.
  2. Forming a better self-identity figure in individuals.
  3. Solve conflicts that hinder and disturb.
  4. Change and improve habit patterns and unwanted behavior reaction patterns.
  5. Improve the ability to perform interpersonal relations and other abilities.
  6. Modification of the individual’s assumptions that are not right about himself and the world around him.
  7. Pave the way for the existence of individuals who are more meaningful and meaningful or useful.

Rehabilitation Stages

Pre-rehabilitation stage

  • Guidance and counseling to clients, families and communities
  • Motivate the client to participate in developing a rehabilitation program,
  • Convince the client; Rehabilitation will be successful if there is the cooperation of a team of experts and patients.
  • Self-examination of the client.

Rehabilitation implementation stage

  • The client is already running a rehabilitation program.
  • Clients receive rehabilitation services, namely rehabilitation: medical, rehabilitation, vocational, and social rehabilitation.
  • The implementation of these three types of rehabilitation takes place simultaneously in a https://harmonyclinic.co.za/
  • Implementation of rehabilitation.

Stages of building rehabilitation results

  • Given to clients who have run a rehabilitation program and are considered ready to be independent and return to the community.
  • To confirm the results of the rehabilitation the client is still being fostered, and whether an evaluation is carried out