Why You Should Visit a Men’s Health Clinic

The interest in men’s health is relatively new, thus the need to use a multi-disciplinary approach to achieve the full spectrum of health needs. Although you will receive the right treatments from a traditional hospital, a men’s health Los Angeles clinic offers gender-based treatments for your health needs. Originally these clinics were perceived as testosterone replacement centers, but they offer other health services. The treatments at the clinic encompass male endocrine, urologic, psychological, and physical performance needs. Men should prioritize these clinics instead of traditional hospitals when facing health issues since the interest in clinics continues to emphasize the field’s future. These are reasons to visit a men’s health clinic.

Sexual Wellness Exams

Men’s sexual wellness is often overlooked, and men are least likely to advocate for their sexual health. However, a men’s health clinic will recommend sexual wellness exams for all the patients who visit the clinic. The healthcare provider will inquire about your sex life, past STDs, and the current number of partners and examine the penis and the testicles. They will conduct a complete digital rectal exam and recommend medications for erectile dysfunction. They treat sexual dysfunction by injection medications which give an erection and use imagining to determine the underlying issues. Additional blood work, urinalysis, and ultrasound exams are necessary for erectile dysfunction.

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medications such as plasma-rich platelets can treat reproductive issues such as erectile dysfunction. It is minimally invasive and uses the body’s growth factors to regenerate sick and dead cells. The doctor will inject the PRP into the penis shaft and head to increase blood circulation, strengthening future erections. Additionally, you may request PRP therapy to deal with other health complications, such as joint pain and spine issues.

Preventive Screening

The men’s health clinics provide preventive screenings for prostate cancer. The screening reduces the chances of developing prostate cancer and results in preventive care. You will undergo lab tests such as blood work and imaging, resulting in effective screening.  

Management of Chronic Health Issues

Men’s health centers effectively manage chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. The signs of heart disease may vary between genders; the doctor will understand the symptoms and provide an effective remedy. Many chronic conditions may not present obvious symptoms early, but the tests provide insight into your health. The healthcare provider will determine whether the medications improve your health and recommend a medication change whenever possible.

Treatment of Fertility Issues

When a couple does not get a baby at the right time, a woman is blamed for infertility, but men face infertility issues too. Thus, you should let your partner see a gynecologist and visit the men’s health center to deal with low sperm count or blocked ducts, which cause infertility.

Men’s health clinics offer gender-based treatments which meet your needs. Therefore, you should consider visiting clinics instead of traditional hospitals. Health issues such as heart disease show different symptoms in men and women, and your doctor will know the symptoms to look for during treatment. Additionally, these clinics offer treatment for STDs and erectile dysfunction and promote positive sexual wellness. They lead to better prevention of health concerns such as prostate cancer. Additionally, the doctors will determine if the current medications are effective for lifestyle conditions and recommend medication changes whenever possible.